Using the TimeFerret Keyboard

TimeFerret comes with its own Keyboard. When you are scheduling meetings in an email or messaging app, you can access your calendar by simply switching over to the TimeFerret Keyboard within that app, in the same way that you would switch to an emoji keyboard.

Tap on your free blocks of time to create a list of your preferred times.

When you’re done, TimeFerret will create a link that you can share with your contact. When they pick one of these times, you will be notified and can easily create an event at that time.

Enabling the TimeFerret Keyboard

Launch the Settings app and select General

Select Keyboard

Select Keyboards to see a list of keyboards

Select Add New Keyboard

Choose TimeFerret to add the TimeFerret Keyboard

Tap TimeFerret in the list of enabled keyboards

Enable Allow Full Access. This is needed to allow the TimeFerret Keyboard to access your calendar

Select Allow in the popup that follows