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Short Description

TimeFerret is a beautiful calendar app for iPhones. It comes with a custom keyboard that lets you access your calendar from other apps.

Long Description

TimeFerret combines an intuitive calendar with a custom keyboard. It is designed to improve your productivity.

The 24-hour circular view shows you all the events of the day, but not just that. It goes one step further and shows you exactly how much time you have between meetings. This allows you to plan when to do easy and difficult tasks and decide whether to accept or decline new meeting requests for that day.

The TimeFerret Keyboard gives you access to your calendar from other apps. So when a new meeting request appears in your inbox, you don’t need to switch between that app and your calendar app. You don’t need to have long email threads about when to meet. Instead, you switch to the TimeFerret Keyboard, pick slots that work for you and publish these slots as a link. Your contact can choose one of these slots even if they don’t have TimeFerret installed.


TimeFerret lets you

About the Founders

Sridhar Venkatakrishnan: Engineer. Ex-Google. Early employee and part of the founding team at 3LM. Director at Motorola after 3LM’s acquisition.

Subhashini Muralidharan: Scientist by training, holds a PhD in molecular biology. Now puts the design and marketing under the magnifying glass.