Value Your Time

Plan your day with the 24 hour Daily Donut

Use the TimeFerret Keyboard to schedule meetings from any app

Make time for yourself with Me Time and flag disruptive meetings

The TimeFerret Keyboard

Scheduling meetings is as easy as adding an emoji to a message. No more app switching. No long email threads. Share your preferred times as links that anyone can access, even if they don't use TimeFerret. Create meetings directly in your calendar with the responses.

See how it works

The Daily Donut

The Daily Donut

TimeFerret shows you your schedule as a 24-hour donut. We call it the Daily Donut. Its unique design lets you see how many meetings you have and how spaced out they are. Easily find out how much time you have outside of meetings and decide whether to accept more meetings that day.

Meeting Flags

Meeting Flags

TimeFerret does what no other calendar does. Use Me Time and Meeting Time to fence off parts of your day.

  • Me Time lets you set aside a part of the day where you don’t want any meetings. Meeting invitations inside this time are flagged for you to easily decline.

  • Alternatively, use Meeting Time to do the opposite and only allow meetings inside a window.

You can also flag each meeting with an estimated cost so you know how much your time is worth.